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Sneak Peek: Behind the Scenes!

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

What does it take to create a curriculum?

As we have worked on this product for the past 14 months here are our 3 main takeaways from the process and what it taken to get this product from an idea to a product you can purchase:

  1. Time! Creating, revising, editing. Creating, revising, editing. Asking for input from others in the field. We have joked we should have tracked our hours creating this product, but neither of us really wanted to see that number ;) In reality, thousands of hours (and dozens and dozens of cups of coffee) have gone in to creating this product for you.

  2. Humility! Willingness to try and fail, then learn more, then try and fail again. Then learn some more, ask for help and stay humble in the process of creating. We've learned about website creation, printing formatting/costs/shipping, product sales, business taxes, business entity creation, having a business partnership, creating videos, creating QR codes, creating user-friendly content and SO much more.

  3. Balance! Kindness and balance to ourselves and others. Our lives are full. We want to keep our priorities in perspective. We cannot WAIT to share this curriculum with you, but it's taken a little longer to get it completed than we first anticipated.

Are you considering a new venture? We encourage you to be curious! The world is full of people who can help you learn more about something big that you might want to do!

Much Love,

Jennifer & Beka

PS, this curriculum is brought to you with love and powered by coffee. :)

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