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Meet Our Team.


Jennifer Sadlovsky

Jennifer has more than twenty years of experience working in the field of education.  She enjoys teaching both elementary and parent education.  She and her husband are parents to five children.  While teaching parent education for her local Early Childhood Family Education program, she found her passion for mentoring parents and helping them connect to their community. Jennifer loves to walk with parents through their many challenges and cheer them on along their journey. 


She noticed that everything else that she taught came with a teacher’s manual.  Together with her friend and co-worker Beka, they decided that the world of parent and family education also needed a teacher’s manual. Connecting to Learn was written to help with their own programs and to support, encourage, recruit, and retain teachers in this important field.


Jennifer holds teaching licenses in the areas of elementary education,  parent and family education, and a master's degree in education.


Beka Swisher

Beka holds licenses in: Parent & Family Education, Early Childhood Education, K-6 Elementary, 5-8 Communication Arts & Literature.  She is also a Master’s Student working towards a degree and license in Marriage and Family Therapy.


Beka has specific experience working within: Early Child Programs, Parenting Education, and Early Childhood Administration.  She especially enjoys helping programs, teachers, and parents refine their purpose and set goals with specific applicable steps for execution.  She loves meeting people where they are at and encouraging growth and connection. 


Beka and her husband are parents to four children.

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