We address the PROBLEM of limited curriculum available for Early Childhood Family Education programs.  Teachers are scarce, difficult to retain, and those who are teaching are overwhelmed while taking large amounts of time to create lessons.  Districts are unable to offer programming, because of the lack of qualified educators and the ability to equip and support new educators.


We developed a curriculum that will be ADAPTABLE to work with communities of varied sizes, families with diverse backgrounds, and differing lengths of lessons and sessions.  Personalize and adapt our 20 weeks of resources, by picking what works for you- use in any order for your needs.

We are passionate about EMPOWERING communities through supporting parent growth.  We believe strong parents are built as a result of connection, knowledge, and support.  Connecting to Learn LLC, is built with the purpose of empowering those who work with parents, to guide parents towards meaningful connection and transformational change.




Thoughtful & thorough! The curriculum is easy to use and the videos give it an expanded and personal feel.

curriculum reviewer


Great videos!  The curriculum guide is so well thought out and easy to follow.

curriculum reviewer

Preschool Student Posing in Classroom_edited.jpg

As a seasoned teacher I appreciate the awesome new ideas!  I would have loved this resource as a new teacher.

curriculum reviewer

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