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Self Care for Parents (+ FREE DOWNLOAD)

Self-care doesn't mean “me first,” it means, “me too.”

As we begin a new year there are abundant reminders that the chance for a fresh start is here! For some parents, they may include a “resolution” or goal of increasing their care and kindness to themselves. (note: while new year’s resolutions are definitely not for everyone, this can also be a great topic at any time of the year).

One of our favorite ways to introduce this topic is included in C2L Curriculum Guide Volume One, in lesson PE-12: Self Care for Parents (found on p117 of the guide). The quote that begins this post is also a meaningful way to guide discussion for this topic.

Here are some of the follow up questions you can use (remember, you know your group best - choose what works for you!). There are many more resources for this topic in the guide.

Questions for Discussion:

  • How do you ask for what you need? (Do you ask for what you need? What gets in the way?)

  • Why does self-care matter? (we want to be healthy, we want to model this healthy behavior for our kids.)

  • How do you notice when you are taking good care of yourself? What are your indicators of health?

  • How do you notice when you are not doing a good job taking care of yourself?

  • When you are taking good care of yourself, what happens?

Enjoy a bonus download from us, C2L!

Enjoy using these self care planners as an interactive piece of your group, or simply to spur discussion. Questions for consideration: Which element on the handout do you feel is most important to your own self-care? Which element would you eliminate? What reason would you give for each element being a part of this plan?

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