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Sneak Peek C2L Volume 2: Table of Contents

Jen and Beka continue to work on completing Volume Two of the Connecting to Learn Curriculum. We've taken into consideration all of the fantastic feedback YOU have provided! We will be including all of your favorite elements in this next guide, including Program Building Blocks, Parent Education Lessons, Child Education Lessons, all embedded with tons of VIDEOS helping your team easily understand the content.

Here is a sneak peak of the Table of Contents for the upcoming volume.

Check it out HERE

While Beka & Jen don't have a projected release date quite yet, stay tuned, they will be really excited to let you know as things get closer to being polished and ready to launch!

Following C2L on Facebook or Instagram are other great ways to stay in the loop. The team shares so many great resources for your use on those media outlets.

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