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Hoodies, Long Sleeves, and More!

Friends, we are thrilled to share with you our latest C2L products:

  • beautiful, soft t-shirts now includes long sleeve options

  • cute and comfy hoodies, crew necks, and zip up sweatshirts!

  • adorable leather patch hats

Due to requests - we have reopened our storefront! This store will be open until March 6th @ 10pm. Product will ship out in Early-Mid April.

As educators we love to be able to feel comfortable, yet professional. Reduce your morning “decision fatigue!” These shirts make it easy to decide what to wear to work.

Our store will be open until March 6th @ 10pm. Costs include all shipping and handling fees. Head over to Connecting to Learn's Facebook Page for a chance to win $30 OFF gear of your choice.

***Stay posted…we are dreaming and working on some other products to support you in your work!

Questions? Just shoot us a message!

See ALL the styles and order your products HERE

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