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Communicating with Parents (Relieving Anxiety as Classes Begin)

As a new school year unfolds there are so many communications that need to happen!

So, how can you effectively communicate with parents as you kick off the year for your fall programming?

Here are some of the top questions you should answer in your communications:

Before classes begin:

  • When is the class? What times and what days?

  • Where is the class located?

  • Once the family is registered, get really specific, what door do they go to? How do they enter? Do they need to buzz in? Can you put signage on the door? Once they are in the building, what next? (include pictures if you can with this communication)

  • What does the family need to bring with them?

  • Should they wear anything in particular? (example, dress for play and mess?)

  • What is the basic schedule of the class? Is there separation?

As families enter the classroom:

  • Do they know what to do first? Is someone there to explain to them or is there a visual aid?

  • Where do families set their things? How is this communicated?

  • Where is the bathroom? Anything they should know about bathroom access?

You get the idea - while things may feel familiar to you, remember that for many families we serve, this is their first trip back into a school after being in a school themselves! Don’t be afraid to “over-communicate” a bit - what feels like too much info for you may really help lower anxiety from families.

For even more ideas about how to have clear communications and set your program up for success, check out our Connecting to Learn, Volume One Curriculum Guide.

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