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3 Top Tips for a GREAT Circle Time

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Circle time is an amazing chance to connect, build community, and grow your students skills. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can help make it most enjoyable for kiddos, parents, and staff!

#1 - Minimize potential distraction ahead of time:

  • cover / put away toys that will not be used during circle time - use sheets / tablecloths, cabinets that fold shut, cabinets on wheels that can be faced away from students.

  • try to minimize other staff moving around the room, keep folks engaged by turning all attention to the circle

#2 - Keep it moving:

  • As you are well aware, the attention span of little ones is short, make sure you have your supplies and anything you need handy & ready

  • "Read" your group, if you are starting to have lots of wiggles, wrap it up early or change gears to a favorite song or fingerplay/activity

#3 - Be hands on:

  • Engage your participants as much as possible

  • Invite children and families to sing and move with you, start with including some familiar songs if possible, to increase comfort

  • Reading a book? Give children something to hold while you read

  • Doing an activity? Is it possible to have a "set" or item for each child? Do it!

Overall, the best tip that we can give it start your first class with a short and sweet circle time. Think boards books, a couple songs, etc. Then each week you can build as you families and children grow in the ability to attend to the circle time! You've got this!

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