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3 Key Benefits of ECFE

ECFE Builds Connections & Reduces Isolation

One of the incredible benefits of ECFE is the community and connections that are created. While there is no guarantee that parents will meet their new best friend, it happens on a regular basis! It also helps connect families who otherwise would never have had the chance to connect. Whether they come from different neighborhoods or different cultures all together, raising children is universally a transformative experience! Which, in turn, connects and creates a stronger school district and community!

ECFE Increases Parent’s Understanding of Development

Every parent enters parenting from a different background and in a different stage of their own adult development. When we better understand development, we have more empathy, understanding, and willingness to work hard at the things we know make a difference in child rearing (like boundaries for kids!). What we know from a scientific perspective about development is always changing and evolving as our brain imaging gets fancier and our research methods get refined. There is always more about child development to learn. ECFE is a great place to learn it.

ECFE Supports Coping Skills & Importance of Parents

ECFE helps parents understand that they are not alone! They are not the only parent whose child has wiped poop on the wall. They are not the only family who lets their kids watch Bluey…what might be a few too many times. They are not the only parent who struggles with anger and not understanding why their child won’t do what they are asking them to do. ECFE comes alongside parents and supports them in their role. Good ECFE teachers help the parent feel like a Hero. Like they are doing *something* right amidst all the stress they feel.

How about you? Toss a comment about what YOU feel the biggest benefit of ECFE is?

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