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Your Feedback is VALUABLE!

We value your input! Really! As we begin work on C2L Volume Two, we want to know what is working well from Volume One! Surveys completed (by verified curriculum purchasers) by October 31st will be emailed a coupon code for $50 off a future purchase of a C2L guide. This coupon code is not applicable to previous purchases. One code may be applied to each guide ordered. Each completed survey earns you a code (so districts may be eligible for more than one code, if more than one person completes the survey from the district - make sure to log on with distinct emails each time).

Please help get this survey into the hands of your teammates who are using the curriculum. We value each team member who works to serve families, but for this survey we are most interested to find out from the following roles, what is valuable from Volume One and what they hope is included in Volume Two:

  • Parent Educators

  • Child Educators

  • Early Childhood Coordinators

  • Program Directors

Find the survey HERE

This survey is not anonymous - we want to be able to problem solve with you if something is not working well. We will not share any of your info unless you give us express permission to use your words as a "Testimonial" for our site.

THANK YOU for all that you do on behalf of families and young learners. What you do matters so deeply and we are so honored to support your work!

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