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Reflecting Your Community's Culture & Creating a Window Into Other Cultures

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Jennifer and I (Beka) work in rural ECFE programs. Farm country, outdoor country, TRACTOR country.

When choosing toys that allow for rich pretend play, we know our children love to see things from their environment reflected in the classroom. (plus, the tractor noises children make are just awesome)

This holds true no matter your setting, no matter the culture or cultures you serve. Be thinking about what you can incorporate from the cultures of the families you serve in your family education programming. But, don't stop there. It makes a richer environment for us all, when we reflect our own culture and create a window into other cultures as well.

Here some questions for reflection:

  • How are you using your resources to provide items that your children connect with? What in your room reflects their culture?

  • When you look at your classroom, what provides a window into other cultures? Do your books, toys, projects open the world for all learners?

  • What is one change (big or little) you could make in your program to work towards these goals?

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