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Powerful Quotes for Parenting Education

The above quote is an important one for the world of ECFE. The way you make parents feel will be what keeps them coming back for more!

As we (Jennifer & Beka) prepare lessons we often use a quote to anchor our work. We plan from back to front…what do we want parents to leave thinking, knowing, and feeling? Then a quote can become a good way to help us keep on the track we have chosen.

Here are a few other ways you can use quotes in your work with parents:

  • Write or project a new quote on the board each week as parents enter the room. Begin or end class with a reflection on how the quote applies to their parenting or to your topic.

  • Gather quotes: print and cut out to make them ready to use when a sub is needed. Spread the quotes out on the table and allow each parent or parent pair to pick up a quote that pertains to their current parenting. Encourage parents to share their thoughts with the rest of the group. Have a group where literacy or various languages is a consideration? Use pictures instead!

  • Have parents bring or share a quote either in person, or on a social media group. You could use memes of GIFs for fun as well!

We can help you! Each lesson in Connecting to Learn includes a quote that could be used with your lesson. Connecting to Learn also includes a section of curated quotes, ready to copy and print. They can be laminated to use again and again.

How do you use quotes?

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