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C2L Subscriber Giveaway!

***Please share this email/blog post with your early childhood educators, parent educators and early childhood administrators. Help them stay in the loop on the support that C2L provides!

C2L exists to support your early childhood and family education programming. We want to ensure your team is receiving our emails, blogs, and resources. Early childhood and parent education can be isolating work. In many districts, these teams are small and there is little time for joint planning, connecting, or problem solving together. Keep surrounding your team with supports from C2L!

*If you are the original recipient of this email - you are already entered in this giveaway! We appreciate your connection - please also help us make sure these emails are reaching your teaching team and early childhood administrators :)


3 steps to this giveaway!

#1 CLICK the link:

#2 SUBSCRIBE to our site

#3 SHARE this email <---- this is the only step you need if you are original recipient of this email (if it was not a forward to you).

Winners will be drawn from our subscriber list. Contest closes on Wednesday Nov 30th @ 10pm. Winners will be contacted and asked to choose the prize of their choice: a set of the brand new C2L Song Cards or Dr. Becky Kennedy's new book Good Inside.

🧐 Don't miss a thing! Join our site as a subscriber and never miss an opportunity for support or a new product launch! Get on the list to receive approximately three to four emails a month designed to support your Early Childhood and Family Education programming! You'll receive our blogs, info about new products and sales promos, and more! You'll be able to opt out at ANY time.

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